Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Herb Garden Planning

Now is a great time to plan which herbs you would like to grow.  Making a list now will reduce the chance of you purchasing something you have not prepared a place for and the chance of buying something you won't be able to care for or find a spot to grow.

What herbs do you use now in cooking, for crafts, or for other purposes?  I would recommend starting with a few you are already somewhat familiar with even if you have only used them dried.  Chives, parsley, mint (if grown in a container), sage, lavender, tarragon, thyme, and oregano are some that are usually easy to find and grow. 

Once you have a list check to see if they will grow in your area by researching the herbs and finding what climate zone you are in.

Even if you can't grow an herb outside in your area you may still be able to grow it indoors.  I grow several herbs in pots that would not survive the winter in my yard.  I can still enjoy them and have some houseplants to eat over the winter.

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  1. When I'm planning my spring vegetable garden I often forget to plan ahead the herb area. Great reminder! Now I won't be rushing out to buy expensive transplants in April instead of buying cheaper seed packets ahead of time.

    I think your October post on chives would be a great addition to the next issue of How to Find Great Plants. If you're interested in submitting it, the deadline is December 31st. Here's the link: