Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Potted Herbs - Moving back indoors

The nights and days are getting cooler so it is time to prepare some of my herbs for the move indoors.  Those I already have in pots include 2 lemon trees, scented geranium, lemon verbena, pineapple sage, and bay.  I will need to move my lemongrass from the garden where it spent the summer back to a pot.

Before moving my herbs indoors I will prune any broken or dead growth or any that seems to be growing in an undesirable direction.   As it gets closer to the move I will then spray them off with water and apply horticultural oil to the leaves, trunk, and stems.  This should take care of any pests that try to move inside with them.  It has always worked so far. 


  1. Horticultural oil is an oil spray that can be applied to most plants anytime the temperature is below 85 F. The oil suffocates insects and scale that are living on the plant. It is very important to spray horticultural oil on fruit trees in early spring.
    Some examples: